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Welcome to The Garden.  The purpose of this website is for me to start to reach out to the world, to help those who want to change from within, and start a new way of being.  As my path progresses, it has become clear to me that it is time now, to reach out to others, and help them overcome the obstacles that get in the way of their own peace and happiness. Your spiritual growth is similar to building a house. My teachings are like a tool box.  I have many tools to give you to help you build the house, but you are the one who has to build it.  I can guide you and show you ways of overcoming your obstacles, but you have to do the work.  I cannot learn your lessons for you.  But if you take the tools and use them with reason and purpose, you will build a solid foundation for you to build your house upon.  I am here to help you with every step. 
Spirituality is simply taking care of your spirit.  Spirituality transcends religion, as everyone has a "spirit".  How you take care of this will determine the type of life you live.  After all, you can be mean spirited, good spirited, etc.  So, spirituality is simply taking care of the spirit residing in you.  Which brings us to the ultimate answer.  If your spirit is in you, then taking care of it requires working IN you, and ultimately says that all your problems stem from inside yourself.  Nothing external can disturb your internal, unless you choose to let it.  The answer is easy, it is the question that is hard.  If all your problems lie within yourself, and yourself only, then what about you needs to grow for you to have a better outcome in the situation that is bothering you? 

One of the hardest parts about spiritual growth, are the things we have to admit we don't like about ourselves.  Only once we are aware of these things, can we work on changing them. There is nothing wrong with admitting the things we need to work on.  Our greatest strength is admitting our weaknesses, and our greatest weakness is pretending to be strong on something that we are not. 
So, again, welcome to The Garden. I hope you are prepared for the rewarding experience of working on yourself from the inside out.

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