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Client Testimonials

I wouldn't be the person I am today without Brian's guidance. I met him many years ago and through tough love, patience, and a few really good arguments, Brian has put me on a path I never knew existed: bliss and fulfillment. He told me long time ago that I was blindly trying this and that without ever figuring out what my passion really was. He told me many moons ago to walk a straight path, even at the expense of comfort and flimsy friendships. Brian shows me. He doesn't just tell me. He walks the walk and leads by example. He is the peace I want to see in my life and that inspires me tremendously. Just last week, the hot water was shut off in his vacation condo which I figured was going to ruin this long-awaited trip. "No way," he said, "it's just more abundance coming my way. So what if I'm uncomfortable 20 minutes out of my day? I now get money back for this minor inconvenience and will use it for extra surfing lessons!" Now don't YOU wish you had that outlook on life? I'm still learning... and The Garden is excellent place for you to start.


Through out the years Brian has given me much advice and has helped me through times of uncertainty as well as through times of happiness. Sometimes advice just comes and goes, never to be seen anymore. Brian’s teachings stay with you. In fact, I happen to have a favorite one. Brian has always taught me to come from a place of truth and love. When I have become angry with myself or others, I find that coming from a place of truth and love and doing so from within reminds me that I should forgive whole heartedly. It was never easy in the beginning to except truth and love as a means of making things better but nothing in life that is worth doing ever is. I know with Brian’s continued support and advice that I will continue my journey to find peace from within!

Truly Thankful,
-Mennette C.

Brian has been my rock!  His thought provoking statements and unbiased responses to my "issues" has been enlightning.  He never waivers from professionalism even though he is a personal friend.  He is honest, insightful and I trust and believe in everything he says.  He has helped me recently through some very difficult times.  I have been in denial on a few emotional levels and Brian has brought out a side of me that needed to heal and move forward.  It's a work in progress and I am grateful that Brian is there to guide me on my journey.

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