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When Brian had his awakening, it changed him from a man who was continuously searching for answers outside of himself, to someone who dove inward to completely change his being. From someone depressed and distraught, to someone at peace within himself. His studies of self lead him through various religious texts, with the philosophies of Buddhism strongly echoing in his sentiments. "We are what we think" he says smiling. "All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." One of the most basic of Buddhist philosophies, that single sentence almost single handedly transformed his life. "I kept looking for the answer. In things, in other people, in my work, and it never came. Suddenly, I realized it is totally within me... within everybody. And it just made sense. I realized that no matter what the question, I was the answer."

The next two years after his awakening found him going further and further within himself. He chose to have no girlfriend, to stop pursuing his desires, and to spend much of his time studying. "I realized that I was not 100% with myself. How could I give anything to anyone if I could not give it to myself?" When asked what the hardest part was of the beginning of growth, his answer was simple. "Admitting to myself all the things I didn't like about myself." Awareness, he says, is the key to growth. To not be aware that you have a responsibility in any given situation makes you a victim. "Look what's happening to me. The ego plays this game with you that you are somehow a victim, and you find some solace in that. I had to admit that I played quite a big part in my life, in my failed relationships, in my words and actions. It was difficult because ego convinces you that it's someone else's problem". Indeed, ego is what you must get rid of if you want things to change in your life. "The only thing you can control are your actions and your reactions. Think of the last time you were angry, then think of the last time you were happy. Which would you choose next time? Because it is a choice. Do not believe in the delusions of ego. It is a very dangerous thing."

Nearly 10 years have passed since his awakening, and he has been not only practicing what he preaches, but now he is preaching what he practices. He has helped numerous individuals overcome the obstacles that present in their lives with easy to understand ideas of difficult concepts. His teaching style is so effective, mostly because he can relate things differently depending on who he is teaching. "Different things work for different people. The knowledge flows from the Universe, through me. I am just an outlet to help people discover what is already inside of them, and I've been blessed with the ability to put that in simple terms. Sometimes it's very hard for them to hear, but it's what they need to hear, not what they want to hear."

He is available by phone for private teaching, and has started a blog to get the word out there. He is currently writing a book called "Getting out of your own way", and is expanding to the point where he is going to launch his business "The Garden", complete with private teaching, lectures, books, and eventually, workshops. "It's time. The world needs help. I am a worker of the light, and I am here to help others. Life is easy, we make it hard. But there are ways to reprogram our minds to have them work for us, not against us. It's a spiritual practice. You have to practice every day, and if you do, you'll see such wonderful, positive change in your life."

My final question to him had an unusual answer. When asked if he considered himself a spiritual guru, he just smiled. "No", he responded. "I am awake".

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