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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life Insurance

A friend of mine was very concerned the other day about life insurance. He was worried about what would happen to those he cared about if he died. Of course, my simple comment to him was "IF you die?" He stopped, thought, and proceeded slowly... "When I die?" "Yes, when you die." I replied. Noting the look on his face, I reassured him that there are many ways to protect those in your life when you die. "But have you thought about death insurance?" I quipped. "Death insurance?" he said with a laugh. Then I looked at him seriously, and asked him "What are you doing in this lifetime to insure what happens to you when you die?"

We had quite an amazing talk, and I had taken him in directions he has never thought of going before. The first area is Karma. Are you erasing your Karma on this earth, or creating it? Are you learning the lessons you were meant to learn here, or are you blindly going through life living the lie of society? Are you playing the game of "He with the most toys at the end wins?" Or, are you releasing yourself from attachment, and instead of taking something from this world, are you working on bringing something to this world?

Most people believe that life and death are two distinctly different things. You live, then you die. The mind continues to separate in this world. There is no life without death, just as there is no death without life. At this very instant, you are living and dying at the same time. You are doing both-- rather, you ARE both. So what are you doing in relation to the world at this moment? As my friend is so focused and scared about what happens to his family when he dies, is he putting in the same effort to insure a peaceful transition when his life on this plane ends?

If you can free your mind of the division, the separation that you create on this planet, you can see that we are all one. And if we are all one, then what you want for you, you cannot help but want for all. If you are hungry, then you will want to eat. If we are all one, then we all want to eat. So when you think of eating, why not think "Who can I feed tonight?" When you want to get dressed in the morning, think "Who can I clothe today?" And when you move into this awareness, then you are walking firmly on the path. There is no more worry about life and death, for you see that it all exists simultaneously, and that it is ok. There is nothing to fear, and there is nothing to plan for. You cannot help but develop a deep sense of peace: a "oneness" with the world. You have created your "death insurance" policy.

Remember that what you have, will fade much quicker than what you have done. So while you are out there getting your life insurance, maybe it's time to stop and think about what you're doing about your "death insurance". Because the Karma related to what you have done on this planet will stick with you much longer than any insurance policy can pay out.


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