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Monday, March 14, 2011

You can't go out in your robe!

Hey everyone! Ok, so my little hiatus is over... and some good things are coming. My main website is being built, and I will now have time to continue to update that and this blog, as well as my spiritual productions! WHOO HOO! But on the lighter side of enlightenment....

I was with some friends this weekend, and one pointed out to me that I am always joking around. How can such a spiritual person joke around so much? And so I wondered, what do people want me to do, walk around in my robe with birds on my shoulders, and animals following me around? Is that many people's idea of a spiritual teacher? And while there are many monks who practice traditions that are thousands of years old, with great dilligence, you don't have to be set in traditions to be spiritual. You just have to "Be".

I admire the sheer level of dedication to the lifestyle that the Tibetan monks live. I often feel like I want to run away and live that lifestyle, as I continue to grow. But I am who I am. I am a beautiful representation of the Universe in human form, as we all are. How could I not be me? As I've said before, there's beauty in differences. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place. The Universe made me just like this, so how could I possible question it, or not be me?

I think some people get lost in this idea. They think they are going to lose part of themselves once they start releasing attachment, bringing the peace within to outside experiences, and living from one's higher self. The only parts you lose when you start on the path are the ones that keep you attached to worldly things. But the best of you will shine! Your light will be brighter than ever.

What people seem to notice most about me when they meet me, is my peaceful energy. That's because that's where I come from. My inner peace. But I still like to laugh! I still think the world is funny! I still hug my friends, I still attempt to dance.... (Notice the word "attempt"), and I still have an outgoing personality. Most of that helps me connect very quickly with people, and in turn, help the teaching process. Because all I can be, is me. And I am me, and I am on a spiritual journey; no robe required.

So enlighten up! It's not the end of you, it's the beginning of a more peaceful you! Buckle up, and enjoy the ride!


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