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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The simple things in life....

Sometimes you see something that really makes you stop and think. Sometimes you see something so out of the ordinary that you just have to wonder how it actually happened. Well, that happened to me recently, but not because of what I saw, but for the reason I saw it.

I was watching the news not that long ago, and a story came on about a man who received a package in the mail, but it was not his address on the box. The man went to the address on the box and gave it to the person the box belonged to. Inside this box, as the owner would later say, was a $15,000 watch. The person who originally received the package did not open it, nor did he know what was inside. So here is the part that really makes me wonder about the world we live in:

The news story was about a man who received someone else's property, and returned it to the rightful owner! Is this morally correct act now so rare that when it happens we send a news team out to cover the event? Are we so far away of doing what's good and what's right in this world that we have to broadcast when someone actually does the right thing?

I have an old blog entitled "Uncommon Courtesy", because society is becoming filled with the idea of entitlement , and selfishness. People no longer say thank you when you hold the door open for them, because they EXPECT you to do that. They have lost sight of someone extending courtesy to them. No one is required to say "Bless you" when you sneeze, pick up something that you dropped, let your car into the lane of traffic, or to wait, and hold the door open for you. Although these people do it because they know it is the courteous thing to do, and do it because they want to, not because they want acknowledgement, it is up to you to realize that they are going out of their way for you; a complete stranger. Why would you not acknowledge their kind deed? And it is because of these actions on the individual level that leads us to send out a news team to cover when someone actually does the right thing. If this sense of selfishness and entitlement continues, we will soon be sending out a news team to cover the breaking story of someone holding a door open for a stranger.

It can be frustrating when you are the one always doing these small, kind acts for others without receiving acknowledgment. But continue to remember why you do it: Because you are living from your highest self, and putting others needs before your own. This does not require a thank you, because doing the right thing shouldn't have to be complimented. It is what we should be doing anyway. And hopefully, we will inspire someone who sees us to then start living from their higher self. And if that continues, then we won't sit through the news story about the person who said "Bless you" to a stranger at the mall when they sneezed.

Love and light......


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