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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Words with friends

We all have them. Those strange but wonderful friendships where we talk to them differently than anyone else around. Where if someone were to overhear, and not know you're friends, they might be astounded at what you're saying to each other. But to you and your friend, it's just fun, lighthearted banter.

But what are your words really saying, and how can they affect your world? We see them simply as little jokes, the private ones you share only with that person, or perhaps even a particular group of people. Can those words you use in jest really disrupt your world? The answer, suprisingly, is yes.

All words have an energy field, a tone, a degree of emotion behind them. destructive word is a destructive word, regardless of if it is used in a lighthearted fashion. They set a tone for a feeling inside you. The idea is, if everything you say comes from a place of love, then a word not associated with love cannot come from your mouth. You cannot use the word "ugly", if all you see is beauty around you. This word cannot be used in jest, because it would basically cease to exist in your vocabulary. And if you take away the word "ugly" from your vocabulary, then all you can see is beauty, because you know nothing else. This is how words come from a place of love.

To illustrate this point, think about a moment that you were very intimate with someone. That moment where you felt so much love you just got lost in each other's eyes. Now imagine feeling that moment in your car when you're driving, and someone cuts you off. How difficult would it be to come out of that place of love and yell at the driver that cut you off? Because you are so far away from the feeling of anger, anger cannot come through. Now, imagine you are joking around with your best friend, and they are telling a story, and you're calling them stupid (in jest), and poking fun at them sarcastically for what they did. (Which, by the way, is part of who they are). Suddenly, that same car cuts you off. How easy would it be to get angry with that driver by calling him stupid, because the "feeling" of that word is already in play within you? We create our world with our thoughts, and we contribute to our environment with our words. If our words, even in jest, are negative in nature, our reactions to other things around us will be more apt to have a negative response to it. Remember the old phrase: "Be careful of our thoughts, for they become our words. Be careful for our words, for they become our actions." (They phrase continues, but this is the main point I am getting at now.) Our words become our actions, and if the words we use everyday are hateful, destructive, negative words, how can we not react in a negative way when advirsity arises?

I have a friend like this, and we've made the pact to no longer use any words with each other that do not come from love, even in jest. The strange side effect of this is that we laugh much more together now. (and we laugh all the time anyway) Partly because we say things like "I'm glad you called to tell me that, because I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you", and those things, even possibly said with a slight hint of sarcasm, are words of love. They make you smile. They make you laugh. They make you feel good. And when you are smiling and laughing, how can anger exist?

It's a no brainer that we should use words of love with the world. Be the love you want to see in the world. And if you get away from using words with negative connotations, even in jest, then the negative feelings associated with those words cannot exist in your world. Remember, when you remove ugly from your life, all you can see is beauty.

Love and light.........


Paula said...

I just came back from dynamic Essentials meeting. Talked about constuctive thoughts versus destructive thoughts. As chiropractors we connect the physical to the spiritual by a specific chiropractic adjustment with the extra something called Love.
87% of disease is from emotional stresses and out thoughts are powerful and must be filled with love and positive thoughts so we can express Life and help mankind. Thank you for sharing

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