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Monday, September 27, 2010

Empty your cup

Just as you must empty your teacup before you can receive your tea, you must first empty your mind before you can receive your lesson. I really like this idea, and it is a very simple idea to understand. If your teacup is cluttered with old tea, crumbs, and tea leaves, it is not prepared to receive the tea that is waiting for it. For our mind, it is getting rid of the clutter of old ideas, beliefs in what "should be", ego, and the "what ifs" that prevent us from receiving our lesson. Believe it or not, most of our lessons are in plain sight, right in front of our face. Most people simply don't want to see their lesson, because it would indicate that they would have to admit something they perceive to be wrong with themselves. This again, is the trick of ego. We cannot possibly be wrong. If we are not wrong then something is happening to us, and we can absolve ourselves of any responsibility to the event. If we can remove our ego, remove the questions of "why", and openly take in our lesson, you would instantly find a sense of peace within yourself. You realize that it is not a matter of something being "wrong" with us, but it is an amazing opportunity for ourselves to grow, and be the best person we can possibly be. We cannot do this with a mind that is cluttered with the walls that ego and society have built within us. When this is the case, we get defensive. We have to justify our actions to ourselves and others. There is no acceptance in a defensive position. When you are defensive, you cannot let anything in; it is impossible. If we then, at that moment, are able to empty our minds of our concerns, (that honestly are not real), and remain open to what the Universe is trying to show us, we can take that situation in with a peaceful heart, and we can grow.

I find that many people I work with want to get the help, but their egos won't let themselves open their minds to the ideas that will give them the help they desire to find. It is one of the most difficult things to overcome in someone. But the answer is simple, as are most answers, and it is simply to come from an empty mind, receive the lesson for what it is, then view the lesson objectively from a point of truth. When you can do that, you will watch your ego and it's walls come down, and you will start to see change in your life. The answers are all within us, piled underneath the conditioning of our egos and society. Empty the space, and allow the lessons to fill the void. Positive change will be the only outcome.


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