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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Separation- The ego's way of saying "I'm Right"

Separation occurs on so many levels, and it is strictly the result of ego. Separation can also be called by other things, such as racism and bigotry, but also as simple as your opinion. Separation is when we decide on some level, conscious or unconscious, that what we are seeing, feeling, or experiencing, does not fit in with what we feel is "normal". We separate ourselves from the whole, and with that, figure that if it does not fit in with what I feel is acceptable, then it is not acceptable at all. Imagine if a wave in the ocean thought that he was the ocean! That all other waves did not live up to what kind of wave he was. The other waves were not as strong, not as beautiful, not as big, as he was. But the wave is only one small part of something much greater. And soon, the wave breaks onto the shore, only to be reabsorbed into the ocean, the "whole". Every one of us is part of the "whole". We are all unique, intricate parts of something much greater than ourselves. The ego created society, and society reinforces the ego. "Men act like this, women like that", it says. "You can't dress like this, you can't wear your hair like that", it says. Society separates on every level, from gender, to race, to creed, and the ego convinces us it is ok. We form an opinion, and it then separates us from one another. Even from something as simple as "I can't believe you don't like strawberries!" The mind says, this guy must be crazy! Strawberries are delicious! And with that, we are now right, and they are now wrong, and separation has occurred. I am male, but my soul essence is female. My path leads me more towards androgyny, which is very hard for others to accept. As my hair grows longer, some question why I let my hair look more "girlish". Hair has no gender. Hair is hair. The separation occurs when we form an opinion, which is essentially a judgment. What people need to realize, it that it is absolutely ok not to understand why someone does something, but to accept them for who they are. It is not for you to understand everything in the world. But if you accept "what is", then you remove separation. So how do we turn our "opinions" away from judgment and separation? It's very simple. Turn your thoughts onto yourself. Remember, just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it's wrong. So, for sake of argument, let's say I decide to wear a skirt tomorrow. There is no law against me wearing a skirt, and remember, clothes are just clothes, they have no gender. Society has put the tag of who can wear what onto people. Kilts are worn by men in other sections of the world without bias, but it is basically a skirt. A man might look at me and instantly say "look at that weirdo!". The separation is there, because that man would never wear a skirt, so he judges me, and somehow I now have a problem. I am wrong for wearing a skirt. If he turns his thoughts onto himself, the uncomfortable feeling he had when he saw me in a skirt goes away, and a peaceful conclusion is reached. He simply says "I personally wouldn't wear a skirt". His ego is not threatened, he reinforces his own belief that he would not wear a skirt, yet does not separate by making it wrong in his mind for me wearing one.

Remember, I cannot make you feel uncomfortable. It's what people know about themselves that make them feel uncomfortable, or any other feeling. Separation starts within you, and has nothing to do with anyone else. It is the trick of the ego that says "I'm right, they're wrong". Waves in the ocean do not look at other waves and make judgments about them. They all co-exist in harmony, as part of something much greater than themselves. We are supposed to be doing the same thing. And it all starts within ourselves. It's ok for you not to like something. If the thoughts stop then on yourself, and don't extend out to the other person, no separation will exist. So the next time you think a thought as simple as "This TV show is stupid", remember, the TV show is just a show, it is neither stupid or smart. And if you judge the show as being stupid, you also judge everyone who watches it as being stupid. Simply say "I personally don't care for this show". Judgment is relieved, and separation cannot occur.


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