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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Question of the week: Creating your demeanor...

This week's question is "How do you always keep such a cool demeanor?"

Wow... good question. The honest answer is, I don't always... I try to do my best and live by my highest self the majority of the time, but I too, fall. I am still on my path, and I learn every day. But the main thing that I try to do every day is acknowledge where I falter. Again, as acceptance is the first step in overcoming your obstacles, I am aware of when I "fail my test". Being aware, and accepting your behavior leads to you being able to change your behavior. There is a lesson by the Buddhist master Langri Thangpa called the eight verses on thought training. Verse number three states: "May I examine my mind in all actions. And as soon as a negative state occurs, since it endangers myself and others, may I firmly face and avert it." Basically, this says that as soon as we create a negative intention, we must quickly acknowledge it and form the determination to not engage in such behavior again. As we accept our actions, and realize that it comes from within us, and it is not something happening TO us, we can find the resolve to not respond in that manner again, should similar situations arise.

Again, it is a spiritual "practice". The more you practice, the easier it is to respond in a positive way from within ourselves, until it finally becomes a natural process. But if you are not aware, in that you believe the ego saying that something is happening TO you, then you will continuously fail that test, and find yourself in what you would call a "stressful situation". With your thoughts, you create your world. If you look at your world with love, you shall find love. If you look at your world with turmoil and stress, then that is exactly what you will find.


Barry said...

I've always liked the adage, "What we believe, we achieve". Admittedly I think some things are beyond our control but I also believe that a positive mindset is the first step to positive change.

I'm here through Cindy's blog and decided to stick around. :)

The Garden said...

Thanks Barry! There is actually very little that we control. All we can truly control is our actions and our reactions. How we act or react to our external situation, will create how we feel in our internal self. Our thoughts create our worlds!

Thanks for being a part of The Garden! I really appreciate it!

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